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MacMini Repair/Upgrade

There are a lot of reasons your Mac Mini may not give a picture.

This doesn’t mean that a repair is going to be expensive. It could be as simple as dust in the memory slots.  Complete our online Repair form for your  Mac Mini in and one of our Apple-certified technicians will take a look.

Also, we upgrade lots of MacMini machines all day every day with more RAM or a new bigger faster SSD to give you longer life and much faster speeds at fraction of the price instead of having to invest in a new replacement.

What we can offer your Mac Mini to boost the performance significantly

RAM Upgrades

There are two types of “memory” in a computer, RAM (Random Access Memory) and drive storage. Without getting too technical, RAM gives your computer a high-speed temporary workspace. It’s where apps and data live while you are actively using them. If you have more RAM it means that your Mac Mini will normally feel faster as you are using apps, especially if you are opening multiple apps, or web browser tabs, at the same time.

The minimum amount of RAM that Apple puts into almost all of their Mac range now is 8GB of RAM. But they do still offer their entry level Mac Mini with just 4GB. I would say that if you have less than 8GB, you will see a performance boost from increasing your RAM.

One of our Apple certified engineers, installing memory into a Mac Mini

Fusion Drives and Flash Storage

If RAM is for storing apps and data when they are in use, the “hard drive” in your Mac Mini is for storing everything permanently. It stores all your pictures, emails, apps and any other data. I say “hard drive”, but the more modern technology is a “solid-state drive” or “flash drive” in Apple parlance.

In general, terms, if you have a hard drive in your Mac Mini, and you upgrade to a Flash Drive, then you will see a huge performance difference. Your Mac Mini will start up much faster, apps will load quicker and just generally, your computer will feel a lot more responsive. The Apple Certified Technicians at SimplyFixIt can give you advice on what is the best size Flash Drive for your Mac.

Why not just keep the same size?

It may be that your current hard drive is nearly at full capacity, and simply swapping over to a Flash Drive at the same size won’t help. It could be that you don’t use all the space on your hard drive, and never will, and therefore buying a Flash Drive of the same size would be a waste of money. That’s the thing about Flash Drives; they cost more than hard drives. They are cheaper than ever before, and definitely represent the best value performance boost for a Mac Mini, but if you needed a 512GB or a 1TB Flash Drive, it is definitely still an expensive upgrade.

Fusion Drives

If you do have a lot of data, 1TB or more, and don’t want to invest in a flash drive of that capacity, there are still options for you. We can fit a Fusion Drive to your computer. This is a combination of hard drive and flash drive, which macOS is able to use as one single drive. It typically gives a boost of 3.5x performance when working on large files. Even just starting your Mac should be a lot faster, maybe even twice as fast.


Compare Drive technology







Small Files — MB per second

Read or write Megabytes per second
Flash Drive
Write Speed  208 MB/s
Read speed  140 MB/s
Fusion Drive
Write speed  127 MB/s
Read speed  129 MB/s
Hard Drive
Write speed  38 MB/s
Read speed  25 MB/s

Large Files — 1GB & more

Read or write Megabytes per second
Flash Drive
Write Speed  440 MB/s
Read speed  477 MB/s
Fusion Drive
Write speed  325 MB/s
Read speed  482 MB/s
Hard Drive
Write speed  173 MB/s
Read speed  174 MB/s

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